ALERT: SIP is moving !

Now at

Due to the hard work, generosity, and creativity of a friend and supporter of Sound Interpretation Project, SIP will now have a completely new and revamped website going forward. The new website should be easier to navigate and, hence, it should make it much easier to access our material. Also, over time, the new website will include archived materials that have never before been housed on the site. In addition to a new look and format, the new site includes some new and different features as well. For example, you should find that you can easily access the site from your cell phone. 

Because it is a completely different site, we need to impose upon you for one important thing: if you are currently receiving email notifications when new material is posted to the site, and if you want to continue receiving such notifications, you will need to “subscribe” once again to be recognized as a follower of the new website. 

To subscribe, go to the “Subscribe” menu item on the new site and fill out and submit the short form that you find there. (There is no cost, of course. It is simply a way that allows us to notify you of new postings.)

We hope that the transition goes smoothly. However, if you run into any difficulties on the new site, there is a button under the “Contact/Donate” menu item that will allow you to notify the webmaster of any specific problems. 

The new website has a new web address. The new web address is You can visit the new site by clicking on the following link:

(Notice that the only difference between the new and the old website address is the final top level domain name—that is, “.site” has replaced “.org” .)

All new postings from now on will be to the new site. This will be the final posting to this website. To go to the new site, click on the link above.

Please remember to subscribe on the new site if you wish to be notified of new postings—even if you have already subscribed on this site.

Thank you for your interest.  We hope that you find our site helpful in your pursuit of the truth.