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Question #16: Is it legitimate to pray for the salvation of an unbeliever?

In the last audio file I responded to a question about the doctrine of universalism. I argued that, in the biblical perspective and teaching, not every human being will be saved. Only the few whom God has chosen will be saved. Related to that, in this session, I respond to a question about whether prayer is playing any legitimate role when a believer prays that an unbeliever might be saved.

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Question #15: How do you, as a student of the Bible, assess the doctrine of universal salvation? 

In this audio file I respond to a question regarding the doctrine of universalism, or universal salvation.  The doctrine of universalism is the belief that every human being will ultimately be saved. No human being will be subjected to punishment and destruction. While I do not believe that the Bible teaches this doctrine, it deserves more than a cursory rejection.

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