Dr. JAC’s Philosophy Shop- Q#11-part 1

Question re: why do I believe that it is biblical to understand God’s relationship to created reality to be analogous to the relationship between an author and his story. PART ONE

In this audio file I respond to a question posed to me in person. I have maintained in a number of different contexts that, in the biblical worldview, the relationship between God and created reality is analogous to the relationship between an author or storyteller and his story. It is not immediately obvious that the Bible actually teaches such a thing. So, the question posed to me was this: where would I go in the Bible to support this claim? Or, in other words, how would I support my contention that the worldview of the Bible is that created reality is a story that God, the storyteller, is authoring?

Here is the audio file where I attempt to address this issue. CLICK HERE for my defense of the claim that created reality is a network of stories authored by God.

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