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Jack Crabtree here.

Life circumstances have kept me from producing and making available any Bible teaching over the past several months. I cannot be sure how much longer that may last. In the meantime, I would like to help others pursue their understanding of the Bible in whatever way I can. So, beginning immediately, I would like to field questions that any of you might have about anything directly or remotely related to the Bible. 

If there is any specific question that you would like me to address, or if there is some topic about which you would like to hear my thoughts, please email your question to the email address listed below.

I will be somewhat limited in what I can do. So, I cannot promise to respond to your question in particular. But I will pick the question or questions that I believe I will be able to respond to adequately—given the level of my understanding and the time I have available. Then, I will post the questions and my answers on this webpage, either in written form or in the form of an audio file.

Please email any question or topic you might have to:  soundinterp@gmail.com

Please indicate whether you would like to be identified by name as the person who submitted the question.


Jack Crabtree