Biblical Divine Determinism and the Problem of Evil

One of the theological conclusions that has come to be foundational to the interpretive work that Jack Crabtree does in the Bible is the doctrine of divine determinism. He first reached his conclusion that the Bible assumes the doctrine of divine determinism around the time that he wrote his book The Most Real Being: A Biblical and Philosophical Defense of Divine Determinism. One of the things that his book, The Most Real Being, did not include was a thorough examination of how divine determinism fares against the so-called argument from evil. In more recent years, Jack has attempted to address that short-coming in his book by writing a paper entitled Biblical Divine Determinism and the Problem of Evil. In that paper, he attempts to give an adequately thorough defense of divine determinism in the face of the amount and nature of evil that exists in the world. After a few early drafts that have circulated, Jack has finally decided to call his most recent draft a final draft (albeit an initial version that he reserves the right to alter in subsequent versions). While the paper, like his book, will not be easy for every reader to follow, it tackles a very important issue that must be understood and settled by anyone who wants to understand the biblical message and its worldview. 

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