Ephesians is a unique book of the Bible with a unique contribution to make to our understanding of the gospel. No other New Testament book was written with its primary purpose being to answer the question: How ought a Jesus-believer conduct himself? How should we who believe in Jesus behave? Directed to a mostly Gentile audience, it has a very distinctive flavor and a distinctive set of emphases.

Jack Crabtree is currently teaching through this book at Reformation Fellowship in Eugene, Oregon. Sound Interpretation Project will post a link to each new talk in the series as the audio file becomes available. 

To access the first talk in the series, click on the following title: 

Ephesians: Preliminary Concerns (audio file)

Jack will also be supplying his own English translation of Ephesians in installments throughout the series.

To access the first installment of his translation of Ephesians, the translation from which he is teaching, click the following title: 

Ephesians, First Installment of JAC’s English Translation