Faith versus Works: The Role of the Law in the Life of a Jesus-Believer

Audio Files on Toward a Biblical Philosophy by John A. “Jack” Crabtree

No issue discussed in the New Testament gets more time, energy, and attention than what relationship a believer in Jesus ought to have to the Law of Moses. And, indeed, no issue is more important. Unfortunately, the perspective held by many modern Christians is governed by slogans, formulas, and prejudices rather than a careful analysis of the biblical perspective. Arguably, to master how the biblical authors would approach this question is to master an understanding of the gospel itself. The biblical perspective on this question is much more nuanced than most Christians appreciate. In the latest section of notes that Jack Crabtree is writing for his manuscript, Toward a Biblical Philosophy, Jack attempts to analyze the biblical teaching on this subject in all of its complexity.

Biblical scholar, Earle Craig, has created a series of recorded audio files where he and Jack Crabtree are discussing Jack’s notes in Toward a Biblical Philosophy. In these audio files, Jack reads through his notes, elaborates on them, and converses with Earle about their substance.

The issue being discussed in their most recent audio files is the role of the Law in the life of a believer, and faith versus works generally. Their discussions of this issue can be found beginning with recording session #57 under “Toward A Biblical Philosophy—The Document and 62 Audio Files” on the BiblicalPhilosophers web site. Note that you can download a pdf file of the written notes being discussed by clicking the second “View Document” button listed there.

Click here to be directed to the portion of the BiblicalPhilosophers web site where the document and audio files can be found.

Recording session #57.

Download pdf file by clicking the appropriate View Document button.


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