About SIP

Sound Interpretation Project’s (SIP) primary objective is in understanding the Bible without any prior commitments to a particular religious tradition, denomination, or system of beliefs. At SIP we want to understand the Bible in accord with what its authors intended to communicate. Historically, the Bible has been appropriated by various religious belief systems and traditions to provide evidence for their point of view and to justify their religious systems. Our approach is philosophically different in that our desire is to understand the Bible’s authentic message, not to see in it what others want us to see in it. Therefore, we at Sound Interpretation Project are seeking to understand:

  • the message the biblical authors wanted to communicate,
  • the meaning of each biblical text that its author intended,
  • the teaching the biblical authors intended to deliver, and
  • the understanding of God and reality held by the biblical authors

To this end, Sound Interpretation Project is committed to:

  • Engaging in continued research in matters relevant to understanding the Bible
  • Studying and interpreting the Bible in its original languages
  • Translating the Bible from its original languages into English
  • Teaching an accurate understanding of the Bible, seeking to make its message and worldview accessible
  • Promoting a desire to know and understand the true meaning of the Bible.